North Seattle Land [Ab]Use bike ride recap

the ride would have been safer with bike lanes
ballard pre-zoning, 6 story masonry buildings were legal
ballard height limits w/ 1923 zoning ordinance
ballard zoning today
north Ballard, 1923 zoning
north Ballard zoning today
west woodland 1923 zoning ordinance, the diagonal hatch is all multifamily
west woodland today, massive downzone to single family zoning
gilman park, 1923 zoning ordinance
gilman park, zoning today — the multifamily is less permissive than 1923, much downzoned as well
fremont zoning, 1923 ordinance — 80' buildings were legal on the waterfront
fremont zoning, today.
bikes galore, foto by doug trumm



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mike eliason

mike eliason

dad | designer | writer | Noted shill for housing. interests: Baugruppen, architecture, passivhaus, mass timber, staedtebau, not for profit housing